And this one time... at SUP camp... Saw beautiful coastline the whole way today. For our SUP friends, you'll be happy to know that we got in basically a 43 mile downwinder today. Stoked to see the water towers at Surf City, and Renee waving below the bridge. Enjoyed avocado, hummus and potato chip sandwiches for lunch. Snuck up on a covert military operation that started with 3 guys in camo hunting gators with branches, to at least 100 military friends training in the dunes. Talked to a few fishermen, who seemed surprised to learn we were headed to Virginia. Paddled into Cedar Point about 6pm for another avocado and potato chip sandwich and some recovery drink. Headed to Beaufort (and hopefully beyond) tomorrow. Thank you for all your fun posts and texts along the way... keeps us entertained. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. And paddle!!



06/12/2013 11:05am

Hi Kim and Kacie,
Sounds like everything is going great. Hallelujah for the tail wind! You guys were booking!
George and I are enjoying keeping track of you with the "Spot" - very cool!
Paddle on....


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