Wilmington Marine Center is South Eastern North Carolina's first Clean Marina. They have been committed to clean water since day one, 25 years ago. 

Their efforts to keep our coastline clean and reduce ocean pollution include: maintaining maximum green space, recycling aluminum, monofilament, and other materials, disallowing in-water hull work and adhering to a set of Standard Operating Procedures that assure the cleanest possible facility. 

Wilmington Marine Center is located on the Cape Fear River about 10 minutes from downtown Wilmington. Learn more about them here: http://www.wilmingtonmarine.com/

Thank you Wilmington Marine Center for your contribution to our adventure and your commitment to clean marinas.

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    Parks & Marinas committed to reducing our plastic footprint

    Any park or marina that commits to at least 4 of the 6 steps outlined on our homepage, will be listed here & recognized by our partners for their commitment to ocean sustainability & helping to reduce marine debris.
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