We checked a HUGE item off our to-do list today! We got a boat!!!!

As luck would have it a team rider for ULI inflatable boards heard about our mission and passed the word along to his brother in South Carolina. We then received this email from Harry Koerner, aka "HB"...

"My brother, Chris, is an experienced SUP enthusiast, and represents ULI surfboards in events and competition. He emailed an article to me about your proposed adventure up the NC coast and thought perhaps it might coincide with my plans. 
I own a Pacific Seacraft 31 sailboat, and have made the passage, both offshore and inshore, from Charleston, SC to Oriental, NC, and to Ocracoke, many times. I'm considering taking her north this summer, to the Chesapeake Bay, and perhaps further, but my travel plans had been delayed, and the weather certainly has played a part....."

After exchanging a few emails and a phone call, it had been settled. We will be teaming up with Captain HB for our trip up the waterway and we couldn't be more excited or more grateful.

Having a support boat like this means that we do not have to reach a certain location every day. We can paddle what the day allows for. More in good conditions, less in not-so-good conditions. We are also a lot safer. If a storm comes up we have a way to get off the water quickly. It provides quick and easy access to fresh water and food without having the extra weight on our boards. Having HB as our captain is also a huge blessing. He is very familiar with the waterways, tides, currents and the location of marinas.

Today was a massive success for us. We feel incredibly fortunate and thankful for all of your donations and support, for the way all the pieces of the puzzle keep coming together, and for HB, whose help and generosity is invaluable.  -kim


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