The second we announced that our trip was delayed due to mechanical issues with our boat, friends and strangers from all over the NC coastline reached out to help. Planning this adventure has shown us again and again how strong the community of people tied to the water is. 
With the help of new friends, generous boaters, and big brothers, we will be on our way on Sunday June 9th. The first 40-50 miles will be broken into 2 days to give us lots of time to paddle through the Cape Fear River area during the most favorable conditions.
We don't know yet what our internet access will be throughout the trip. We will try to send updates as much as possible, so that those who want to come paddle with us will know where we are.  You can also follow us via the Spot Tracker. Thank you, thank you for helping us get back on the water, and for being part of a community that cares about our coast. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. And paddle. Paddle. Paddle. See you out there!

Plan B



After learning that our support boat and captain, HB, were docked in Charleston with engine trouble, our friend Dave Glassner reminded us that, "it's not a crazy paddle until everything seems to go wrong." With this paddle, everything has gone right and thanks to the generosity of so many, we were ready and stoked to launch on Saturday (World Oceans Day). We are now working to find a new support boat and will get underway as soon as we can. 

It's been such fun planning for this adventure and what we've learned is that with the kindness and support of friends, family, and strangers... and a good cause, anything is possible. We are sad that HB is docked because he, too, had offered such generosity, but we are determined to get on the water, paddle our coast, and continue to build the network of people who care about the health of our ocean.  

We can delay our start date by as much as two weeks until we find a new support boat. The main needs with support are safety, navigation, to carry supplies, to store boards at the end of the day, and to enjoy a big North Carolina adventure. With good conditions, we hope to paddle roughly 40 miles a day, thus reaching Virginia, from South Carolina, within about 8 days. Please help us put the word out, or share ideas/contacts you might have. 

Paddle. Paddle. Paddle. Smile. And... thank you! Kacie and Kim
Duke University Marine Lab, thank you for being a leader in sustainability.
"The Duke University Marine Lab, in Beaufort, NC, has eliminated single use bottles of water from life and work on campus.  This elimination of single use bottles includes Dining Operations, Catering and all vending machines on the Pivers’s Island Campus.
Faculty, students, staff and visiting groups are encouraged to bring their own water bottle to events where bulk filtered water is provided from the campus dining hall.  Vending machines are being retrofitted to exclude bottled water.  Catering services on the island will provide bulk water containers for field trips and boat trips from the campus."

Read more about this, and Duke University's other campus initiatives here:
We got our PocketFuel in the mail today! Lots of it!

PocketFuel is a company based in Hood River OR. Their products are made from 100% natural, whole food ingredients found in nuts, seeds and fruits. It is also gluten free, dairy free, vegan, soy free and corn free! Nothing but goodness in these pouches.

We reached out to PocketFuel for support on this mission because we needed a product that would be a healthy source of energy day after day, easy to digest, and that would support physical and mental endurance. It doesn't hurt that its all delicious either!

PocketFuel is also packaged in eco-friendly pouches that are 100% reusable and have a resealable cap. Instead of tossing the small pouch after you've finished it, you can reduce waste by cleaning it and refilling it using one of the large 20oz pouches and their Refueler system. We love this idea!

Learn more about PocketFuel on their website:
or on facebook:

We checked a HUGE item off our to-do list today! We got a boat!!!!

As luck would have it a team rider for ULI inflatable boards heard about our mission and passed the word along to his brother in South Carolina. We then received this email from Harry Koerner, aka "HB"...

"My brother, Chris, is an experienced SUP enthusiast, and represents ULI surfboards in events and competition. He emailed an article to me about your proposed adventure up the NC coast and thought perhaps it might coincide with my plans. 
I own a Pacific Seacraft 31 sailboat, and have made the passage, both offshore and inshore, from Charleston, SC to Oriental, NC, and to Ocracoke, many times. I'm considering taking her north this summer, to the Chesapeake Bay, and perhaps further, but my travel plans had been delayed, and the weather certainly has played a part....."

After exchanging a few emails and a phone call, it had been settled. We will be teaming up with Captain HB for our trip up the waterway and we couldn't be more excited or more grateful.

Having a support boat like this means that we do not have to reach a certain location every day. We can paddle what the day allows for. More in good conditions, less in not-so-good conditions. We are also a lot safer. If a storm comes up we have a way to get off the water quickly. It provides quick and easy access to fresh water and food without having the extra weight on our boards. Having HB as our captain is also a huge blessing. He is very familiar with the waterways, tides, currents and the location of marinas.

Today was a massive success for us. We feel incredibly fortunate and thankful for all of your donations and support, for the way all the pieces of the puzzle keep coming together, and for HB, whose help and generosity is invaluable.  -kim

Kacie stopped by a marine supply shop the other day to get maps for our trip. Her text later that day read, "I have maps!! We only have to paddle 4 charts worth." She also showed me where we will start and finish, in great detail. So excited for this adventure, 4 charts doesn't sound too bad. -kim