Plan B



After learning that our support boat and captain, HB, were docked in Charleston with engine trouble, our friend Dave Glassner reminded us that, "it's not a crazy paddle until everything seems to go wrong." With this paddle, everything has gone right and thanks to the generosity of so many, we were ready and stoked to launch on Saturday (World Oceans Day). We are now working to find a new support boat and will get underway as soon as we can. 

It's been such fun planning for this adventure and what we've learned is that with the kindness and support of friends, family, and strangers... and a good cause, anything is possible. We are sad that HB is docked because he, too, had offered such generosity, but we are determined to get on the water, paddle our coast, and continue to build the network of people who care about the health of our ocean.  

We can delay our start date by as much as two weeks until we find a new support boat. The main needs with support are safety, navigation, to carry supplies, to store boards at the end of the day, and to enjoy a big North Carolina adventure. With good conditions, we hope to paddle roughly 40 miles a day, thus reaching Virginia, from South Carolina, within about 8 days. Please help us put the word out, or share ideas/contacts you might have. 

Paddle. Paddle. Paddle. Smile. And... thank you! Kacie and Kim


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