As we sit down to think about our daily gratitudes, we are grateful for Costco and its family sized tub of pretzels and hummus, since the pizza man got confused and thought we were in Beaufort, South Carolina. 
Hard to believe we woke up in Cedar Point this AM as it feels like ages ago. Enjoyed Pocket Fuel and bagels on the dock and then had a pretty morning paddle out of the Swanboro area... saw dolphin a couple times throughout the day... entered the Bogue Sound with fairly mild conditions... and pretty shortly thereafter the winds picked up off our right shoulder and we fought to catch a downwind ride into Morehead City. And while the fight to the bridge was slightly brutal, we had a warm, friendly face from Flatwater Paddling to greet us as the bridge to guide us into Beaufort... the calmer way. (Thank you Miriam Sutton!). 
Short stop for lunch and then we tried to make our way out and up Adams Creek. Our intention was to catch the rising tide and some wind for an easy 10 before bed, but instead the tide hadn't quite risen enough and we had an unanticipated swim on a sandbar... Kim found a little shark friend who liked her board and her toes and didn't want us to leave. Also didn't quite hit the 6-7 mph run up Adams Creek but all is good. 
The best part about today was when we realized how little trash we saw in our waterways. It is so beautiful here and it's been an amazing journey thus far to see our coast and meet all the fun people who care about it along the way. Thank you for being part of it! .


06/13/2013 10:12am

It's so inspiring to read about your daily progress, Kim and Kacie. You two are so fierce! Hope today is a great day for you. Downwind all the way!


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