We had a great first day. Took the boat to the border, (YES, we started at the border...Spot Tracker doesn't keep all the dots on the map all day long!)
Lots of changing conditions, and a fun head wind for the last few miles. But, we made our goal and made it to Southport, where we were generously greated by a flashing headlight, warm meal and a place to stay from Marybeth and George Ray of Southport Paddle and Sail.

Special thanks to Marybeth and George, and our support boat captain and crew: Ryan Bowie, Chris Sutton and Richard Stockmans.


06/10/2013 8:06am

Very proud of you kid!

Stay Steady

06/10/2013 9:00am

Alright! So glad you are off with a good start. I'm sure this journey has adventure in store for you! Happy travels!!!!!

06/10/2013 9:39am

Kacie and Kim,
What a joy and inspiration to meet you both! It was impressive to see you both paddling in last night in the blustery darkness. We really enjoyed getting to share a bit in your adventure.
Wishing you both fair winds and tides.

06/10/2013 6:43pm

congrats on getting started! what an adventure. enjoy this amazing and inspiring journey...


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